Live Report Metalfest Loreley 2014

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Metalfest Loreley 2014

It’s June again and the festival season has begun ! The first festival I’ll be going to is Metalfest Loreley. This is the fourth time I’ll be going to a Metalfest festival, once Dessau and this is the third time Loreley and every year I look forward to the three days of pure Metal in all its diversity.Loreley itself is beautiful and only a four hour drive from home. For me personally it’s always nice to be allowed there. Although this time there wasn’t a VIP/Press camping area. But after a good chat and a few Euros I was building up the tent on a good spot on the same camping as last year.Metalfest 2014

The first day was, aside from a few meagre showers, sunny as the good sounds of bands like Winterstorm, Steelwing and Battle Beast were heard. The latter two bands would also make their appearance at Estrado in Hardewijk on Saturday June 21.
Aside from these three bands, bands like M.O.D. , Philip H. Anselmo and The Illegals were good to stomach. Headliner today was Sabaton a great band with ditto performance, they always put up a good show and it’s fun to see and photograph them.

Metalfest 2014

The second day was the least enjoyable day, weather wise that is, but the Metal made up for it plenty. Scorpion Child, Bloodbound, Wizzard and Gorguts were the surprises of the day. I have never heard of them, let alone seen them perform but I really enjoyed myself.When I saw Grave Digger live at Wacken 2009, I was amazed by their show, now, in 2014 they still perform just as great. Then one of my two favourite folkmetal-meats-deathmetal band Eluveitie performed and that was just awesome, the other band would be Ensiferum, who played on the third day. I must say that this doesn’t mean I don’t like other genres. My taste in music is quite broad.Monster Magnet is not really my cup of tea, but they did put up a great show.Powerwolf, a pure and raw Powermetal band. It was great to photograph the mand just watch their show. It seems that they always give their fullest on stage. In Extremo was the headliner for today, for me a band worthy of being set as headliner, but like I said, I’m a sucker for folk metal-ish bands.

Day three was good with sunshine and good music.Bleeding Red, a German band who reminded me of Suicidal Angels, is certainly a band worth to check out. The raw vocals of their frontman really matches their style.
Blues Pills were the odd one out, being a blues band on a Metalfest is not really in line of the general genres that’s being played here. Despite being the odd one out, they played perfectly, the sound was tuned just right. Brainstorm was the same old trusted powermetal band that always play great.There is one band which I have a soft spot for and that’s Tankard. There is not a second that frontman Andreas doesn’t run, jump, slide across the stage, which makes it very hard to photograph him, but it’s fantastic to see his energy and to see their show, their energy is catching.
Grand Magus, Kataklysm and Ensiferum played great, but they always do so nothing new there.
The highlight of the festival was Steel Panther. I heard a lot about them but I never had the chance to see them live. Their act was good, their jokes so wrong that they’re hilarious. I enjoyed myself a great deal seeing them.It was also the first time I saw and heard Black Label Society. I heard a few fans saying the music wasn’t that good, the tuning was off. I couldn’t really tell because my earplugs tune out quite a lot but the show was okay.
The last headliner of the festival was Kreator. The music was good but the lighting was just a pain to work with as photographer, but hey, you can’t have It all right?

All in all it was once again a great festival. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to check out the bands on the second stage so sadly I can’t tell you about those bands, but there weren’t any bands I knew playing there to begin with.

Photoreport en text Ernst van Rossum

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